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The main thrust of this not-for-profit website is to provide vegetarian links & resources for vegans, vegetarians and those considering a vegetarian and / or simply a healthier lifestyle.

The extensive vegetarian cooking glossary of terms is a very helpful tool for learning all about vegetarianism and gourmet cooking. A glossary of herbs is on its way too.

Search the veggie site for your exact requests or post an article on the message board for other vegetarians to read and to reply.

A Gourmet Vegetarian Cookbook, Gourmet Vegetarian Cooking by Vegetarian Chef Daniel Hughes, is also in the works and will be available exclusively on this vegetarian website.

In addition, vegetarian cooking tips, vegetarian and vegan recipes, and current health and nutrition topics will be explored.

We would also enjoy receiving your favorite vegetarian recipes and vegan cooking tips  to post on this gourmet vegetarian website.  Include your name and email if you like and please contact me using the link below

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I am looking for a volunteer who would like to be part of who has some graphic knowledge.. Contact daniel at

In peace and harmony...Daniel Hughes


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